Hardcore Tequila.


I just got back from the movie´s and I´m deeply shooked.

Not because of the place itself – I hate it, so whatever – but I was watching the biggest danish film for the time beeing; Klovn. No details today, ´cause I don´t wanna spoil it for everyone else, but just this little: There are things you don´t want to see and in order to keep it that way, do you yourself a favour and cover your eyes at the end of this movie. Seriously.

But I´ve been laughin my ass of, though there was something missing in this, clearly brilliant, movie: Good music, because so far, that is what we´re dealing with here.

Let´s start out with this really nice remix I found on the hypemachine. It´s from a band, which is great in the first place, but remember: It can always be remixed! And after the whole wintercrisis thats going on, a sunny remix is just what we needed. So here you go

Deadbots – Much Better [SymbolOne Remix]

The next song is something for all you, as deeply in love with Crystal Castles as myself. I saw them at this great festival in Murcia, Spain back in the springtime and it was pure rock out with your cock out, plus they now got a drummer on their live shows, so it´s double kickass. This other band from the UK I wanna show you today, takes 8bit nintendo electronic to a faster level. I´m sorry, I can only provide you with a messed up YouTube link, but we will soon have our own player fixed on this site and then I would not have to tell you, that you ought to turn the link on 720HD. So sorry.

You Only Love Her Cuz She\’s Dead – Bloodlust

Last one for now is from the formely annonced EP of Turboweekend. If you havent got it yet, go get it now – it´s still free. The song is called Into the pavement. Again sorry for a fucked up YouTube link – this time with the worst picture, but the best song ever. What a combination!

Turboweekend Official

Turboweekend – Into The Pavement

We will get this player soon. Hang on until then.

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