Something for the new year.

I hate new years eve. I think I´m speaking for most of us, when I write thoose words of truth. It´s not only  the boring partys [theese always similar events!], the bad food or the fact, that by midnight you´re so wasted, that you´ll have to start your new year with the head in a toilet or making out with a fat girl; No, it also seems, that this day never brought me any luck. Well, at least not since I was 17, so pretty long time ago.

Still, if you gonna celebrate this and fire up your money instead of donating it to the third world, you´ll need music and speaking of right and wrong, it´s now time for the battle of next year: MEAT vs. VEGAN!!!!!

In the right corner, from Paris, France, with a tendency for naked girls; Make The Girl Dance

Make The Girl Dance – Wall Of Death

Supported by Cyperpunker

Make The Girl Dance – Wall Of Death [Cyperpunker Remix]

In the left corner, from the city of Milano, Italy, we have the Backstreet Boys loving; The Crookers (And they also love animals…)

Crookers feat. Soulwax & Mixhell – We Love Animals (Tom Staar Remix)

It´s a battle only time or some wise guys from japan can settle.

But maybe you like new years evening? Be sure then to party in style and let

Parov Stelar – Libella Swing

be a part of the party. Who could regret?! (It kinda sound like this nice song from Star Wars IV, you know, in the bar, on Tatooine, with Han and Cheewy and… yeah you know!)

Last one for today would be Skrillex. I found this brilliant artist on the hypemachine and randomly ranned into his wikipediasite. This guy, Sonny Moore has done it all: Before starting as a DJ he made music the old fashioned way and has been on tour with team sleep such as All Time Low and provided some Vocals on the latest [GREAT!] Bring me the Horizon album – Why? Oh, just because he was the frontman of the Emoband From First to Last. Did I mention, that he will turn 23 in january? Incredible kid and his songs speaks values about his Dj skills. You could blame him for always going with the flow and just doing the stuff that´s on vouge, but why should you? Someone has to do it! (But he should get a descent logo instead of this piece of crap, which i am not willing to show on this site!)

Skrillex – Rock N’ Roll (Will Take You To The Mountain)

is only one of his brilliant songs, so be sure to check out his latest EP, Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites

That´s all for now, take care and I´ll see you in 2o11.

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