Blossoming ElectroPop.

So while I´m like totally busy writing my essay – not – I´m wondering around the internet for all sorts of wonderfull stuff! I´ve stumbled upon some pretty amazing stuff. Architecture, Concerts, you name it…

At the moment I am quite occupied with the band named Fenech Soler. I primarily found them, because they were recommended as a band on my account… Thats by the way my favourite website for now! You can track your favourite artist, and add your location(s!) and from then on you will be up to date for when your favourite artist should play somewhere near you! So for people who love to go to concerts a must do! (your songkick profile can interact with different stuff, like your account, your iTunes so on. Check it out ;)

Fenech Soler “Demons” from bobafettich on Vimeo.

But now back to my latest discovery! Fenech Soler, from Europes music capitol, London. Last year they released their self entitled debut album, and got some pretty positive appraisal by numerous newspapers and blogs. Their musical style can be described as light electro pop

Fenech Soler – The Lion & The Bird ♥♥♥
Fenech Soler – Demons (Yuksek Remix)

They are even into remixing tracks and have come out with numerous remixes. You know I´m crazy about remixes so of course I´ve got some candy for you guys! I was a little obsessed with the next track before hearing their version, they managed to blossom my feelings for Example´s earworm.

Example – Kickstarts (Fenech Soler Remix)♥♥

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