Forget that you we´re Dada Life.

weekend fully gained it´s power again – While my roommate still focuses on his delirium, I´ll show you grande musica; Despite which direction your weekend is gonna take.
So let´s start it from the bottom. In case you wanna chill hard, philosophise or get gay with your girlfriend, I recommend this new, beautiful song by The Raveonettes. However, I´m still not convinced by this band, though the song is brilliant. Clearly. Check it out

The Raveonettes – Forget that you´re young

If you are kind of in the middle and don´t know in what kind of mood you are in, decide it over this song, which I actually found in a fingerboardvideo. So now we can establish, that it´s not the worst interest, nor the worst podcast, you can subscribe.

Ghostland Observatory – Sad, Sad City

But of course you wanna get freaky with it, so go bananas! I really wonder, why we never had the latest Dada Life track up to discuss, but anyway: It´s been out for while and now they made this kickass video! Maybe not their best work, but in a Dada Life univers, that doesn´t mean that it´s not gonna blow you!

So take care.

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