here´s a small videopost, since I recently came across, at least, two videos worth mentioning. First may don´t fit the blog, but since it´s everywhere I go, it´s now here aswell: The Ludwig Van video. To be perfectly honest; It´s not my kind of music at all, but I (and all of us from Flenstyle) know theese guys back from school and they are pretty fast forward – So check them out, cause despite the music, they are representing Flensburg, and all the love and needs you get to this beautiful city, at it´s best. And if there is something I always will sign, then It´s I <3 Flensburg! [And don´t let us be too harsh on the music - It´s this Indiemusic, like Franz Ferdinand or so, so if you enjoy this, you´ll love Ludwig Van]

But now to my ultimate video, cause it´s a ultimate band: Jogger.

Jogger is a two headed projekt from LA, which I found on Facebook last week. It rocked my world ever since. Descriping the music, I would say it´s like a god “Crystal Castles meets  Kings of Convenience” – Maybe kind of like the XX – Just figure it out yourself. They have this great guitar and the nicest drums since a long time, so go with o! They made this brilliant video for their song Nephicide, but be sure to check the other stuff aswell, cause their music is much more deep, than this video! Jogger is clearly one of my favorits for the time being.

So fuck your brain with videos!

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