Well, well…
So today, my father turns 60 and his gift shall be the new Justice single Civilization. Bam. Though it should not be that new to you, because it already was around in commercials and blogs for quite some time, today is the official release date, so we should all thank those french bastards for their music and turn that swag up, cause it´s so worth it! What better soundtrack for the upcomming summer could you possibly have?

I had a bit of an argument with a friend, wether Civilization is Justice-like or not – In my eyes that turned out to be just bullshit, because Civilization is clearly brilliant and absolutely on the same high with D.A.N.C.E or Let there be light. So wether somebody claims, that Civilization is not “as cool as the old songs” (though it is something I might could say…), well in this case it´s simply not true. But you are just about finding out yourself:

Justice – Civilization

Enjoy – And for all you fontlovers; I was highly pleased, when I saw how Justice posted the lyrics on facebook…

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