Oh thoose wonderfull days…

when the hangover ties you to your bed, slows you down and make you miss out on all the good things in life. Associated with the clumsy weather and the waiting for the tempest to come, this is a good opportunity for new music.

SebastiAn recently released a remix EP of his (and M.I.A´s) song C.T.F.O. The Ep contains a rather heavy version by Nero and a nice, relaxed remix by the DMX Krew. Not that I heard of them ever before, but their remix convinced me:

SebastiAn – C.T.F.O. [Dmx Krew Remix]

In other news is the pretentious video from Clubfeet for their single Broken Hearted. Good song though; Fit´s my temporary need for chilly music totally.

And las,t but not least: Did anyone know, that the man behind the annoying Barbara Streisand song is no one else but Armand Van Helden? I´m deeply shocked; Here is the truth, if you don´t believe me! What a world we live in…

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