Dada Love


Support for friends is nice, but let´s get back to business: We are very happy, that Dada Life is back. Though the Dada Life gig in Odense was rather strange, they still rock hard and so does their new track Happy Violence. It´s a typical Dada song, with the nasty bass and an easy rythm. What may sound like german Schlager turns out to be a hell of a song:

Dada Life – Happy Violence

Then there is the german/Audiolithed band Captain Capa won some price or so the other day, which made almost every Audiolith artist post about it on Facebook, so furthermore this convinced me to give them another chance… I still can´t see why they won anything, but thanks to our friends from Treiber, we can as least enjoy a good remix in the finest YouTube quality.

Captain Capa – Rivals [Treiber Remix]

Then there is another SebastiAn remix, again for his song C.T.F.O., but this time it´s more heavy and by Nero. So you can figure it out, check it here:

SebastiAn – C.T.F.O. (Nero Remix)

Total material for ISASS : Enjoy!

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