Videotime #081011

Ladies and Gentleman, usually I´ll hold the videotime issues back until I´m hung over myself, to avoid writing. However I just can´t get enough and/or hold it back any longer, so this videotime goes out early, for everyone who enjoyes a nice video.

Much went on this week, but I will spare you the details and geht right to it: The video, that definitely rocked the Tranevej is this brilliant cover of Skrillex´es classic Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites I found on facebook (Thank you Bendix Splendor). No words needed, just enjoy this high class shit!

Amazing, brilliant, geil are just are few ideas that crossed my mind after watching this. Swag your Saturday with it, or go oldschool:

5-6 six beer and you´ll ove it, trust me.
Then there is something for all you HD lovers:

Nice song, brilliant video.
But in the strange case you want to relax theese days, you ought to check this video:

Darkness Falls is one of my favorit danish bands at the time; They´re first album is just about to come out, so be sure not to miss it.
That would be all for now, take care and read you soon!

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