Futurecop! over and over…


We had Futurecop! up several times in the nearby past and this will certainly continue, because this artist just can´t be recommend high enough, not at least because of their ability to suprise me again and again, everytime I stumble upon -With their chilling sound and sunny beats, they get me everytime and because that just sounded extremely cheesy (and because I am an asthetic!) I will not not spare Futurecop! for some criticism: Their problem is their artwork!

There is a enormous difference between the fantastic work of the dynamic duo and the lousy artwork it usually comes with. I don´t know what on earth they are thinking or trying to proof with the shameless displaying of a weird 90´s-Manga-fetish, but it feels strange and if it is ironic (as so many things are today) just quit it: Cheap ironie is the symbol of weakness & low selfesteem and that´s definitly not what this beautifull music should be compared to. If, however, that´s just the way Futurecop! is, I will make my peace with it and simply cut my eyes out. Futurecop! ; Enjoy the shit out of it, just as I do:

The Only Way (feat. Keenhouse) by Futurecop!

Far Away (feat. My Tiger My Timing) by Futurecop!

Street Hawk (feat. Jane Hanley) by Futurecop!

Afterburner (feat. Renegade) by Futurecop!

Is It A Crime (feat. Captain Capa) by Futurecop!

PS. A get together with Captain Capa?! Nice! //Kick it

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