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So today is the day, at least for all us Itunes-store users in europe; Justice´s new masterpiece Audio, Video, Disco is finally available. The firste releases Civilization / Audio, Video, Disco / On´n´On  already kicked much french ass and there is no doubt about, that their second (!) long player will go down in history (and down on your sister, to qoute good old Hank Moody…). Well, after first hearing the new stuff, I would very much like to show you the following songs from the new Justice CD. Enjoy and buy!

Justice – Canon by FranklinP

Justice – Helix by Xavclaire

Justice – Newlands by FranklinP

What about tourdates? Songkick page for Justice. 1st of March they´ll hit Copenhagen, so good for me.

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