16Bit Party // Sound Remedy

Besides enourmes headache, a lot of Mario Kart and for some reasons a guy showing his dick, the weekend also brought the first freezing temperature to the bitter cold north. It´s way down from here and to prevent the winter killing us all, we have to keep warm. Best way to that is either mulled wine or hot music, but you rather be save and do booth: You never now how hard the winter is gonna get. Sound Remedy will make sure, that you keep warm: This burning act from Los Angeles give trance//dub//anything away like candy and then rape your ears. Let it happen!

Sound Remedy – Victory

Sound Remedy – Life

Sound Remedy – Fighters (feat. Invaderz)

They do also provide some of the finest rework, we do know that, so enjoy those bangers aswell:

M83 – Wait (Sound Remedy Remix)

Cobra Starship feat. Sabi – You Make Me Feel(Sound Remedy Remix)

Talking Heads – Crossedeyed And Painless (Sound Remedy Remix)

Lykke Li – I Know Places(Sound Remedy Remix)

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