“Wood for the Weekend”

or also “Bretter für´s Wochenende” : Urban life at it´s best, brings us Wikipedia photo shoots, snowboard events and hopefully some blurry memories. It looks like winter is not that useless again and if the weather keeps up the good work, I might be able to get to my parents place without feeling like it´s the end of the world, like last year… But back to now: Once again, the soundtrack for this adventure is provided by Fuzz Galaxy Buzz, who more and more turn out to be one of the best electronic acts Germany has to offer. Very usefull shit, enjoy it:

Fuzz Galaxy Buzz – Nevercall

Fuzz Galaxy Buzz – Winchester

Fuzz Galaxy Buzz – Fresh Horses

Disco Monique – Renn Renn Renn (Fuzz Galaxy Buzz Remix)

Oh, and then we came across this unbelievable snowboard movie the other day: Besides countless hours infront of the Xbox, I am not into snowboarding at all, but we watched this snowboard movie and it blew me away. It had the most incredible soundtrack ever and besides some outstanding good norwegian indie artists, there was this burner rework of SebastiAn:

SebastiAn – Emboday [Kavinsky remix]

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