Holiday tunes.


To be clear: This post does not contain a “best of” of lousy music from the only club I know, that got a pizza place in it (it is real: Visit Helmstedt if you should be in any doubt!), but rather a streak of all the music flying around my mind at the time. Maybe it is the winter, maybe it is christmas or it´s plain because I don´t do shit all day, I got all theese potential posts lying around; But good for the blog. I already had the long know rework album of Bring Me The Horizon up yesterday, so today is gonna be a more qiuet: A miscellaneous one about some chilly tracks I recommend. Listen or die!

Thieves Like Us – Drugs In My Body

Felix Tollkühn – Rainy Friday

The Bloody Beetroots – Church of Noise ( B-SIDE )

Especially this last one is brilliant and you finally get the lyrics of the song. Play it for your parents underneath the christmas tree: I know I will!


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