Again and again…


You wake up and feel kind of funny. You´re getting up, eating breakfast: Look at yourself! Smiling, well fed and equipped with all new gears, but there is this strange feeling inside, a restlessness that won´t let you go and you can´t help yourself but explode. This state is mainly caused by too much family time, christmas smell and stuffing or just the boredem, that spending christmas in the countryside brings. Whatever it is, that forces your inner bomb to start ticking again, there is an occasion, that will compensate your will to party: Duborg Reunion on second christmas day. I´m, as always, looking forward to this tradition and will do my best to keep it´s honor. Thoose are the tracks:

The Temper Trap – Soldier On (RUSKOS F’KIN SEAGULL MIX)

Jordan F – Abandoned Streets

Skrillex & Wolfgang Gartner – The Devil’s Den (Original Mix)


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