Theese long days: Exams comming and going and no real time for new music. This current state seems to occupie each of us and I myself have only few words to say and not even a handfull of tracks, but lord, what tracks…

Starting of with a song everybody is talking about, so why miss out? It is the remix of Justice´s Canon by Erol Alkan himself. I don´t see why it is so special, but you´ll be the judge:

Justice – Canon (Erol Alkan Remix)

Then, there is more sunny shit from Strange Talk. Intrduced by Luke, I completly fell for this band. Though their style is not unic, I think they almost perfected this 80´s electro pop genre. Check it:

Strange Talk – Pretend

And the best for last: I was brought across this indie band We Invented Paris and I try to listen to it as hard as I can, but it seems it is too much indie for my taste, but there is this one song that works and I think it is very appropriate for this blog. Enjoy it:

We Invented Paris – More

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