Church of Noise #2


Being really hooked on hardcore & metal music for the moment, this is my first post in years it seems. But the time just flew by, simply hanging around, blasting my ears with metal and waiting for the sun to come ; But it seems like now I´m back on the right track, thanks to the Church of Noise. Founded by The Bloody Beetroots and their main man Sir Bob Conrelius RifoChurch of Noise  is a platform for creativity, music, art & what else you feel like you need to share. The Church of Noise, which is mostly based around their website, uses the well known facebook look and handling, to provide a huge stream of, well, mostly music. What you get in the end, are currently about 1500 people sharing great stuff with each other : In a time, where ACTA is just one of the dangers, that come across the internet as free media, an unlimited stream of sharing, without being sold out to goverments or corporations is a big relief. Oh, and of course it is fucking awesome, because it is founded by the fucking Bloody Beetroots, so check it out and enjoy the tracks I found over there. Cheers.

Barretso – Chase (Mjolnir Remix)

Twin Atlantic – Free (DcnStrkt Remix)

M.I.A. – Bad Girls (Loxpox Remix)


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