L.A. incoming

Originally from Sydney, the electronic music producer Felix Bloxsom a.k.a. Plastic Plates set his new home to L.A. where he continues to bowl one after one remix into the electronic music scene and also starting to get his own originals out to you.

He already re-interpreted works from huge names in every kind of genre, e.g.: Adele, The Magician or Empire of the Sun, which you also may find here. Some “few” 13.000 views in one day may indicate his success with this!

The next two songs are his newly released works of Sneaky Sound Systems’ “Friends” and Van She’s “Jamaica“, which makes a splendid summer song, when it finally will come to Cph.

For all you who already are able to enjoy sunny days, take these songs and hit the road!

Sneaky Sound System – Friends (Plastic Plates Remix) by PLASTiC PLATES

Van She – Jamaica (Plastic Plates Remix) by PLASTiC PLATES

Followed by his latest original called “More than Love

More Than Love by PLASTiC PLATES

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