Urban´s beats

Are you guys craving some new beats? It seems like I am too and that I was pretty low on the musical infill the last couple of months, but slowly I am recovering! It also seems as if I found some tunes to make another round of urban sounds. First off goes a remix of Wild Belle, which got quite a lot of attention on the web these days. London´s unknown Snakehips performed some magic here and turned this into a pearl! Then I found a good track from, new to me, Chrome Sparks, which maybe is something for the weed-smoking people crowd… It says so at least!


Wild Belle – It’s Too Late (Snakehips Remix)

Listen to the original; Is worth a listen / two as well. Has even got the legendary saxo on board!

Chrome Sparks – Marijuana


Last one to go is a song by Slovenian artist Gramatik. Playing with music ever since he was a little child, he produced well beyond a hundred different, fascinating and mostly awesome tracks so far. I don´t really know where to begin listening and posting on that front. Here goes one which I love; has a lot of energy. Check him out!

Gramatik – Day Of The So Called Glory

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