Maybe you’re asking yourself..

..who is FinnHuhn? Another new member. Enjoy my first try.

I just heard this track of Mark Wilkinson on BFBS Radio1 Germany on my way to work and it really took into my heart. The drum and base music producer is usually known by his stage name Wilkinson. It features the beautiful voice of Becky Hill who also made a banging cover of Rudimental’s ‘Not Giving In’.

You should definitely check out the next song by the australian electronic band Plastic Plates signed at the record label Kitsune. This one should be well known for it’s ‘Kitsune Maison’ compilations.

A few weeks ago we visited a friend in Belgium’s brilliant capital Brussels. We enjoyed many belgian beers and got the chance to see Claptone at the event ‘I Love Techno 2013′. You shouldn’t underrate the sound of the ‘Golden Mask’.

The last three songs for today I just found while writing this post. They made writing much easier and my thrill of anticipation for the weekend increased alarmingly.

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