Snow and rusty nails.

Go! After the first wave of joy it´s time to keep this thing going – Even if it´s cold and winter, but that´s just the way it is – If you don´t like it, just move to wherever. That´s the good thing about globalisation: All you haters have a choice! So don´t bother me, I hate it. Anyway…

First thing I would like to bring to the table is a massive moustache attack, what since MSTRKRFT´s appereance rather is a sign of quality than gayness. I never heard of North Shore Pony Club before, but they sure are down for party. And moustaches. Check this video:

Then, since we all are fascinated by Turboweekend, I´m glad to pronounce, that their latest EP Bound is, wait for it… FOR FREE! So vamos, get it and donate too: It´s fucking christmas you cheap bastards!

Turboweekend for free

Talking free stuff: The famous flensburger band LUX gives away free MP3´s from the releaseparty of their brilliant album Prisma. Unfortunately the site does not work proper, so you are only able to download the first three songs or so – Still: If you like Coldplay, you will love LUX.

LUX – Prisma release for free

Let me finish by introducing a classic electro/pop/new wave song, which never get´s old and never dies. I found it in a book, so obviously you get pretty smart by hearing it too. The book is called Was kostet die Welt by the german Author and former leadsinger of the punkband Muff Potter and the song is this

New Order – Bizarre Love Triangle

Buy yourself the book for christmas here (you ought to: I´m not gonna get lost in how much I adore this man and all his work!) and check out the tourdates for the author with the strange name.

Nagel – Was kostet die Welt

Nagel Homepage

Kick it!

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