Life’s good! Everybody is Crackbrained

It’s totally mundane to start a post with the current weather situation but even though, the weather seems to have listened to people’s desires in northern Europe and is becoming better now in the late summer. Writing now from the north west of Copenhagen the weather change is so valuable for street life. Nothing is winning over getting out with friends doing whatever we like to do. Enjoy things happening around us. Hanging out in parks, joining street festivals, biking through the city discovering new places. Like I said – whatever you want to do!

To smash the cherry on the cake I want share some great tunes for this “easy lifestyle”. In 2008 it was Fred Falke, 2009 Lifelike, 2010 Aeroplane and this year a new remixe duo might take the cake. Their name is Oliver, you might know some of their work already but anyway they did some great new work you don’t want to miss:

Sneaky Sound System – Big(Oliver Remix)

Housse de Racket – Roman(Oliver Remix)

Chromeo – Hot Mess(Oliver Remix)

Penguin Prison – Fair Warning(Oliver Remix)

and last but not least one of his own creations:

Oliver – I Need You

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