Happy new eppahh, el número cuatro ; )

Epppahh, a long time ago that i posted something, but the last three weeks were busy: lovely holidays in hometown, flying back to Portugal to spent the new year’s eve in Lisbon and making a roadtrip through south Spain and Gibraltar. I met a lot of people, saw amazing landscapes and fax a little bit with the monkeys in Gibraltar ; ). A good time that ends, today is the last day of holidays, tomorrow work…aiaiai. But there were some tunes that had accompanied me through the holidays…

Miike Snow – Devil’s Work (Alex Metric Remix)

Beat Connection – Silver Screen (Dreamtrak Diamond Sound Remix)

Gotye – Somebody that i used to know (Rufus Remix) –> hehe, Daniel ; )

Ben Browning – I can’t Stay (Knightlife Remix) –> Love

Fuck Art, Let’s Dance – The Conqueror (Brummer Remix)

Epaahh, number four!

From me also a happy new year, take care, dance, hear good music, go to concerts and shake your body ’till you sweat!

Luke don’t Puke ♥



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