Eppahh, Number Sleven!

Last weekend we were in Flenstyle’s headquarter appartment in Copenhagen ; ) a crazy long weekend with a lot of drunken and funny nights. Some guys of us also played music in one of Copenhagen’s bars. So if you enjoy this Blog and you need some freaky guys that blows up your bar/club, contact us ; ).
Since two days the sun and some warm vibes are back in Germany. For this golden days in October are here the usual sunny epppahh sounds for you. Bom fin de semana ; )

Two Door Cinema Club – Sun (Gildas Kitsuné Club Night Remix) ♥ is in the air

RAC – Hollywood feat. Penguin Prison (Cassian Remix) again one nice Remix ♥

Barbara Tucker – Stop Playing With My Mind (’96 Bulls Remix) ♥

Strange Talk – Cast Away (Plastic Plates Remix) ♥

Cherub – Monogamy –> Baby girl ; ) ♥♥

Video: Clubfeet – Heartbreak


Puke don’t Luke

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