Epaaah, the second ; )

Eppahh again, this pic I shot yesterday after a student party on the way to take a small breakfast. I like the park sign on the left ; )…but les hommes & les femmes here are some funkizzle, dancebizzzle and groovebizzzle Sounds for you. My favorites from last month ; )

Martin Solveig – The Night Out

How does is sound if we spent the night out ; ) Come On….Give it a try

Kamp! – Cairo (Moullinex Remix)

Groove to it!

Kimbra – Cameo Lover (GLOVES Remix)

Step to it!

Hey Champ – Silver City (Ruen & Ryan Evans Remix)

Love It!

The Whip – Secreat Weapon (Alex Metric Remix)

Shake your whole body to it!!!

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