Videotime #011111

Wow, I was sure as surprised as you are right now, when I figured out, what date today is and what date will be in 10 days. So, since everybody is about to get married, we´ll better get drunk and fucked up: Destroy you brains with todays Videotime and all it´s destructive facets. You may dig some extra interest in this issue, if you happen to be one of the people who missed//is missing out on the current Digitalism tour, but luckely we got the whole set! So thank god for ZDF Kultur : Apparently german tv is not as bad as it was the last I watched it…Enjoy the other banger aswell.

Well okay: That last one is a bummer, but it just shows how much I´m looking forward to see SebastiAn. I think he´s making clear why.

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