So after chilling all weekend in Skagen, and really enjoying the stormy weather with pretty impressive waves I will come back to the weekend 2 weeks ago. The Modeselektor concert, birthdaybash & WhoMadeWho concert = three days of crazyness! But it was it all worth, so much fun with great people… Since I allready talked about Modeselektor some time ago, I will bring the club-rockers from WhoMadeWho nearer.

WhoMadeWho was new to me, until the day before the concert. I started to listen to some of their latest songs, and I had to admit – I really liked it. I asked some of my friends if they knew them, and it sounded like they were quite famous. After researching a little I found out they had headlined the Benicàssim Festival in Spain in 2007 and probably played in front of some 10.000s of people.

Pretty intimate was the concert here in Aarhus compared to that – there were probably only around 75 people or so… The concert itself was really good – besides that the sound was pretty fucked after one of the bandmembers by accident poured a bottle of champagne into the powersupply… But they took it was humour, and the concert went on. After the concert i somehow ended up drinking WhoMadeWho´s Absolut Vodka and eating one of the bands apples with it, which made the night a little legendary. The following two tracks are from their 2009 released album “The Plot”.

WhoMadeWho – TV Friend

WhoMadeWho – Keep Me In My Plane


Just now they have released a mini-LP with 8 tracks, which sounds pretty good as well. If you like some of the tracks go and buy it yourself as Vinyl or Mp3 or whatever!

WhoMadeWho – Every Minute Alone


The Video they made for the last song is also a must see. Simple, but brilliant!

If it wasn´t me the post would now be over, but you should know me – more or less! And off course I got some remixes in my backpocket! Happy monday night to everyone still awake out there.

 WhoMadeWho – I Lost My Voice (Moullinex Remix)

 WhoMadeWho – The Plot (Discodeine Remix)

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