Videotime #111211

Christmastime // Videotime. From the depths of the multimedia society, I am proud to annonce: Something weird, something brilliant and something local.

Starting off, Crookers  made this nice video for their weird song Hummus. It proves, that the band is pretty fucked up and I love it, because it is offense in so many ways. Though the music is not exactly what I use to hear… Check it and get weird:

Next one is my favorit track for the moment. Yuksuk got me once again : Always On The Run is a masterpiece of french electro music: Unbelievable catchy, dreamy and perfect. As always, when it comes down to french artists, I am impressed and in love, so enjoy it, the song comes with this nice video:

and then the local shit: A good friend of ours filmed half of the new Flensburg skatemovie GNDDLFLMS vol. 3.1. It features all your favorit local skaters, who actually turn out to be better than I expected. You must definitely download it (don´t worry: It´s for free!!!) and spread it; It is the painstaking work of two years. Oh, also the releaseparty was a blast and I´m still busy to gather the pieces. Get GNDDLFLMS vol. 3.1

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