Remembering Berlin #1


When I heard of this weird guy who walks around on Berlins Christmas markets and gives free shots with liquid ecstasy I couldn’t stop thinking about my time in Berlin. I lived there in 8 month and worked as a delivery boy (best job in the world, because: brain = off). Every morning I had to take the “U-bahn U7″  to come to my workplace and it took me 45 minutes to get there. There are some song I always think of when I’m thinking back to these days, and when I listened to them some days ago I still enjoyed them pretty much. Some laid-back songs for my morning tour to work.

Air – So Light Is Her Football (Breakbot Remix)

Alex Metric – It Starts (Original Mix)

Memoryhouse – To The Lighthouse (MillionYoung Remix)

Barretso – We Won’t Stop (Redial Remix)

And one song maybe for a saturday night!

Booba – Salade Tomates Oignons (Yuksek Remix)




Edit: Sorry for these two youtube-links.

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