MFM; Summertime in Denmark

Here in Aarhus, it is like freaking hot these days – everybody´s hanging out on every green spot in town. Having fun in the sun, drinking beers and enjoying their lifes. I am allready tomato red, and quite afraid of tomorrows encounters, when it is the time for this years “Kapsejlads”. A day in the sun together with 20.000 other young people drinking from breakfast time and watching the different faculties compete against each other. Anyways I´ve got some sweet tracks for you guys, from Aarhus and fellow student Specs. As a matter of fact, I´ve got a small part in the Video. Check it out:


Here another quite fun video from Aarhus chick Laura promoting one of the night clubs in town. Nice track, and fun Vid. Have a loooook:


And a little bonus sweet awesomeness of track I rediscovered in my music database. Has the good weather hit your place in the world as well? Enjoy the summer guys!

Passion Pit – Little Secrets (Plus Move Remix)


P.S.: If you don´t know what Kapsejlads is all about:
Four teams competing against each other at once, paddling over a little sea, on the one side emptying a beer (bottoms up), running 10 circles around yourself and then (trying) to paddle back as fast as possible and giving over to the next on the team. Advanced kind of beer racing, which nobody in Germany really knows about, but it´s pretty fun! WATCH if still confused.

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