Totally Damage/Safe your Sounds/Moving


WTF…my drive “Die Wahrheit” with a big music collection and other good stuff  is broken.

Yesterday I fall in a depressive mode and was asking me what the hell I can do, to get back the data files. Man….after checking some discussion forum’s in the net, I tried to boot my PC with Knoppix. With this Linux Version I could grab 80% back from the disk. The rest was unfortunately already lost…eppahh! But today I work hard to get some good tunes back…now I’m happy to have it almost back again….so take care for your data files.


Another thing, I’m proud to see that everybody is trying to see each other. It doesn’t matter how many miles, sea’s, borders, countries or ocean’s we have to pass. I heard from the “J2” Party in Denmark and some nights in Hannover, another guys fly over the big sea to see Mate there. After visits from good friends and family, next week will arrive the “Grasville croud” to visit me here in Portugal. I’m looking forward to! Guys the weather is still good, I have holidays…let’s have some disgusting nights/days!

Best regards and check this “safe sounds” ; )

Jubilants – Antics (Dublin Aunts Remix)

Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosours – Garden (Joe Goddard Remix)

Irish Steph – Crush feat. Eleven (Eumig & Chinon Remix)

Joe Goddard ft Valentina – Gabriel (Compound One Remix)

The Wombats – Our Perfect Disease (Plastic Plates Remix)

Gigamesh · When You’re Dancing (Cassian Remix)

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