Church of Videotime #161111

It should not be that hard to guess, which newly released video took all our attention this week: Ever since Church of Noise landet on this planet I just can´t help myself, once again The Bloody Beetroots Death Crew 77 did it and changed the way you loose our mind. With a helping hand from this punkguy with the hard name, Dennis Lyxzén, they turned their well known swag on : In times, where people can´t seem to agree over simple things, like the new Justice album, a little bit same//same turns out to be surprisly refreshing. Dennis Lyxzén is a well known fellowtraveler from he last tour in summer, where he already backed up on some songs and now he is the co-founder of the Church of Noise. What a career! So everyone  get down on their knees and enjoy: Church of Noise

Oh, and or what it´s worth, I think the video is way too much. It is a brilliant song and the band has it´s style, but this video? A little less slowmotion, a little more meaning would be a start…

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