Remebering Berlin #2


Once in Berlin when I came home after work, my roommate (and he was really my “room”-mate. We share a bed) asked me: “Do you wanna be my +1 for a Boys Noize and Mr. Oizo concert?” Of course! So this night we went out together, kind of like a couple, and enjoyed the concert. When we were came into Ritterbutzke we instantly lost each other and partied on our own.

When I heard the good news I really looked forward to see Boys Noize, because I heard many really good tracks of him. I liked him more than Mr. Oizo, but the concert taught me otherwise. Mr. Oizo is so fucking nice live. I just loved it.

Because of these good memories I want to share some good tracks with you. Enjoy!

Mr. Oizo – Positif

Mr. Oizo & Gaspard Augé – Rubber (Original Mix)

Squarepusher – Cryptic Motion (Mr. Oizo Remix)

Boys Noize, Wolfgang Gartner, Elite Force – TechnoNoizeGang

Boys Noize – Jeffer

Boys Noize – Yeah





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