Copenhagen // Copenhagen

is where the party is – at least this weekend. We are looking forward to get seriously drunk & fucked up with all the people we love and celebrate, that we are alive. What else is there theese days? It is simply good to know, that everyone is comming, when they hear the call of cheap liqour and loud music, so, before I get even more excited, I´ll get right to the tracks, else I wet myself…

The songs on this one where taken from Sir Cornelius Bob Rifo himself, who released a list of song, he likes to spin on DJ-Set gigs. Since the man practically is The Bloody Beetroots, we ought to listen closer : His list has some pearls among it, which will help us brighten the danish nights! Enjoy it as much as I do…

Mr Oizo – Nazis (Justice remix)

Klaxons – gravity’s rainbow (Van She remix)

Midnight Juggernauts – Into The Galaxy (Chateau Marmont Remix)

SebastiAn – Walkman

E nomine padre et fili in spiritus sancti!

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