Early morning: I awoke in a wife beater and tight jeans, my friends puked all over my couch and I´m pretty sure, we´re alloved in the theater anymore. But who needs that shit anyway? musicmusicmusic!

I wanted to make this post for a while now, but I never got to it -Now is the time! It´s time for GusGus. Once in while, Iceland is in the news. Sometimes they´re broke, other times there is a volcano or they´re getting out of bed and turn their swag on! GusGus did, and it sounds amazing. They´re coming with a new album soon, so check them out

GusGus – Purple

GusGus – Add this Song (Klovn mix)

Brandnew and hot is the video for Civilazation, which was released yesterday. It´s cool, nothing speciel, but worth watching.

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